Update: What's New in Version 0.4.0

It’s been a year since HubPress launched. How time flies!

1,976 forks.

2,205 stars.

An english README translated in spanish, chinese and japanese.

Hundreds of progressive blogs using HubPress and Asciidoctor to write scaleable content, in an easy-to-use product.

Best of all, it’s totally free!

Material design

To give HubPress a modern, progressive User Interface, we’ve redesigned it using the Material design template.

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This provides an even better responsive design for mobile users, and provides a clean interface for new and existing bloggers.

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Development process

HubPress is moving away from developing in the hubpress.io repository. To ensure the hubpress.io repository remains clean for new adopters, development has shifted to dev.hubpress.io.

The process to commit a change to HubPress is changed to the following:

  1. Create an issue on the HubPress/hubpress.io repository describing the change you propose.

  2. Fork https://github.com/HubPress/dev.hubpress.io to make changes in the new development repository.

  3. Switch to the /development branch.

  4. Create a branch from /development in your forked repo.

    We suggest naming the branch using the format issue-nnn to make it easy to refer to the issue.
  5. Open a Pull Request (PR), and summarise your changes, linking to the issue you created.

Once we receive your PR, we’ll review your changes and then either accept them or ask for further changes before final acceptance.

The new repository is backed by Continuous Integration tasks provisioned through Travis-CI, which trigger automatically once a change to /development is detected.

It’s a more scalable way to manage HubPress moving forward.


HubPress uses the professional-looking Ghost themes to allow you to personalise your Blog. It’s been a year since release, so it’s time for a couple of new looks.


This theme, created by Kiko Beats, is a simplified theme you can use for a more "docs-site" looking blog:

  • Great for long-form blogs,

  • Looks great with pinned posts.

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This theme, created by Oswaldo Acauan, is focused on content and based on Medium:

  • Makes your content the star of the page,

  • Fully responsive.

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The documentation for HubPress has undergone a bit of a face-lift as well.

The README.adoc was becoming more of a User’s Guide and less a terse overview about getting started with the product.

For this reason, the documentation has been separated out into the following documents:


Just the basics of getting HubPress forked, and set up. Nothing else.


This guide helps you get your blog customised to your individual requirements.


If you are new to HubPress or AsciiDoc, this guide will help you write your first post like a professional.

Further improvements to the HubPress documentation set are planned, including:

  • a Contributors guide to help theme developers and other contributors successfully develop for the platform.

  • improvements to the documentation, including incorporating community feedback.

If you see an improvement to documentation that requires action, follow the Development process steps above.


HubPress is now on Gratipay!

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It’s not the only way you can help us, but it is certainly a welcome one. Donations are a great way to show your appreciation for the platform: it inspires us to dedicate extra time away from our families and day jobs to make HubPress an awesome blogging platform for you.

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Update: What's New in Version 0.4.0
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