Update: What's New in Version 0.6.0

Here we go, the first release of Summer!

HubPress supports RSS!

RSS feed is now available at the url <url_of_your_blog>/rss! It is rebuild when:

  • you publish a post,

  • you change the content of a published post,

  • you unpublish a post,

  • you change your settings.

In the past we have removed the RSS link on each theme because RSS was not available, themes have been updated and links are here.

You can find a new item in the main menu, Check for upgrade:

74d29dd4 4b4f 11e6 8cfd a2b352d3a147

It will redirect you to GitHub and you will be able to upgrade your instance in the right way.

We also have added the version add the bottom of the main menu:

3f13f908 4b50 11e6 8c28 bba06ab3ccd9


We have fixed two bugs:

  • a problem with the pagination when you use the branch gh-pages without a CNAME,

  • a typo that broke the theme Saga

We hope you enjoy this new release. If you have any ideas for features, or see a problem with this release, we would love your feedback!

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Update: What's New in Version 0.6.0
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