Update: What's New in Version 0.9.0

Static pages

You can now create static pages by adding the attributes :hp-type: page in your post.

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After saving, it will generate a file in the folder _posts/{title-slugify}.adoc or _posts/{hp-alt-title-slugify}.adoc if you use the attribute :hp-alt-title:.

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After publishing, it will generate an html file at the root of the repository.

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The navigation form

You can now add entries in the navigation of your blog. In the Settings panel, there is a new tab Navigation:

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Then entries will be available in the published documents:

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The new preview

We added a new preview with the content of the generated HTML document for the selected theme:

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And you can display it in full size with the button:

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The Blog path

There is a new field in the HubPress tab of the Settings page name Blog path:

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With this field you can specify the path where the pagination of your posts will be generate. So you can now create a page with the title index (or :hp-alt-title: index) that will be the home of your website. Then you can create an entry in the navigation that will be link on the pagination path.

Here is the navigation for our website:

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Social network

We added two new entries in the Social network tab:

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Actually these entries are only available in themes Casper and Ghostium

Theme Casper

The theme Casper has been updated. This version is really beautiful and really comfortable for reading.

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This theme is developed by the team of Ghost and sources are available here https://github.com/TryGhost/Casper

Major technical changes

Now HubPress use Nuxt.js instead of using an homemade build. It will increase the stability of the build and certainly make contributions easier.

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We have also integrated Loki.js in our stack to replace PouchDB

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Because donation is not the only way to help an opensource project, we made a page which list some kind of contribution:

Also we are now on Open Collective!

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We still have to define tiers, but if you want to help us with donations and become one of our backers or sponsors, Open Collective is the right place to go.


We wish to thank all those who have supported us since the beginning of the project.

A big thank to Peter Lawrey for having backed us.


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Update: What's New in Version 0.9.0
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